Elodie Details – Snudduband – Burned Clay

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Elodie Details pacifier clip wood

Snudduband með viðarklemmu.

Hringurinn á bandinu er annað hvort settur utan um skjöldinn á snuðinu eða hægt að búa til lykkju úr honum fyrir snuð sem eru með hring.

Snuddubandið passar að snuðið týnist ekki og haldist hreint þó að það sé ekki í munni.

Passar fyrir flest allar tegundir snuða.

Án allra skaðlegra efna.

EN-12586:2007 + A1:2011 vottað.

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Material: Clip: Laquered wood | Ribbon: 100% Recycled polyester | Ring: Silicone
Certifications : EN 12586:2007+A1:2011
Length: 19 cm (without ring and clip)
Width: 3,5 cm
Article Number: 30155126155NA

If dirty, wipe the band with a wet cloth and a little washing soap or warm water with mild detergent. Always wipe the clip dry if it gets wet. It may start to rust when in contact with liquids or moisture for an extended period.

The metal clip is designed to attach to clothing only and should not be forced on to thicker products such as the stroller or the baby bouncer as this may damage the closing mechanism.

For your child’s safety, never allow the pacifier clip to be used as a toy or teething ring by your child. Never attach the clip to cords, ribbons or other loose or extendable parts of clothing. Inspect the pacifier clip before each use and discard immediately if there are signs of weakening or deterioration in any part of the product.